Rock & Forest

Rock & Forest

What kind of rock is this?


Light and Dark in Denali National Park

This was taken in Denali National Park, probably the most beautiful and untouched place I have ever visited. The lighting on this day was spectacular. Click for full size.

Technical info: Canon 1DS MK II, 70-200 F4L at 122 MM, F8.0. Blend of 5 exposures in Photomatix. B&W conversion using Nik Silver Effex followed by dodging and burning. Darklightmist

I found this creepy shack while exploring an old gold-mining town in Alaska


My family was staying in a hotel in an old gold-mining town. In the evening we decided to go for a little walk. We stumbled upon this tool shed and a bunch of other creepy buildings. Also there were tons of mosquitoes.