10-16-2009 Street Photography

Hi folks! I had a great day in San Francisco yesterday (10-16-2009). It was an epic journey: I walked from the Caltrain station to Market Street, from there to Union Square, then through all of Chinatown, up to Coit Tower and down the other side, then I walked along the waterfront till I hit Pier 39.

Today I experimented with a few different lenses: 85mm 1.8, 35MM F2, and 50MM F1.4. EXIF information is available for anybody who is curious. I am very happy with my Canon 5D.

1. Guy resting on 4th Avenue.

2. I passed by this girl on Market street. She caught my eye because of her elegant outfit and her sassy look.

3. Bus Stop, Market Street

4. Boy jumping down stairs with Mom, Union Square

5. Mother & daughter, Chinatown

6. Chef, Chinatown

7. Hat Lady, near Union Square

8. Princess, Chinatown

Interesting story on this one. As I was passing by this girl and her dad, I took around 5-7 shots as I walked past her. The girl started yelling “Daddy! Daddy! Somebody is taking pictures of me!!”. The good news is that, being Chinese, my paparazzi camouflage was impeccable. By simply standing near my fellow countrymen and placing my camera out of view, I became invisible in a sea of similar faces.

It also helped that I walk very fast, and by the time the girl was pointing me out I was half a block ahead of them.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to look. Hopefully I can post more soon.

– Daniel Chui


3 thoughts on “10-16-2009 Street Photography

    • Philippe, thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment! I hope that you visit more often.

      I checked out your Pbase gallery – your work is lovely! I love the colors you are getting in your landscapes.

      Daniel Chui

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