11-15-2009 My little brother Kenny fences!

I love Kenny, my 11-year-old brother, more than the world itself. This is a small tribute to him.

Above: this is what happens when I tell Kenny a joke while he’s drinking water ๐Ÿ™‚

Above: Kenny defeats his opponent

Above: Kenny lunges at his opponent

Here’s to you, Kenny! Remember that your older brother is always ready to judo throw anybody for you!

– Daniel Chui


4 thoughts on “11-15-2009 My little brother Kenny fences!

  1. thanks for the fencing pictures! they’re awesome, and i can think of SO many captions for the second picture!


    “sorry, my usual weapon is an epee!”

    “somebody… STOP ME!”

    (no offense meant, just joking :))

    thanks, keep the fencing (and judo) photos coming!

  2. Hola Daniel ! , me encanta la foto de tu hermano !! , muy buena .Mucho trabajo ultimamente y poco tiempo libre , ademas estaba trabajando en mi nueva web , por fin tengo algo decente ! , ya he puesto tu enlace.

    Un abrazo colega !!

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