San Francisco Mission District

These are some photos I took in the Mission District of San Francisco on a recent trip. All of these shots were with Canon 5D and either 35MM F2 or 50MM F1.4. I like primes because they are less obtrusive and force me to “zoom with my feet”.



Day Worker


Forelorn Dogs


– Daniel Chui


Welcome to my new photojournalism blog!

Hi everybody!

First of all, thank you so much for checking out my new photojournalism blog. My name is Daniel Chui. I am a 24-year-old photographer who lives in the Bay Area, California. My passion is capturing life as it happens, out in the street or wherever I happen to be. I hope to be able to share that lust for stealing that “decisive moment” through this blog.

With that said, I want to thank everybody in advance for checking out my new blog, which I hope to update regularly!

Kids take break for pretzels, San Diego, CA

Playing tag in park, San Diego, CA